What does my card grow?

What does my card grow?

What does my card grow?

As many of you have asked here is exactly the blend that we use, I took the liberty to illustrate the flowers that our cards grow. 
The mix is organic so it does contain clover and fescue, there are not weeds but an integral part of the mix. It is also perennial, which means that comes back every year! so If you plant it in Fall you won't see your flowers until next spring.
All flowers are meant to boost the presence of pollinators, bees and butterflies will be attracted to these little flowers.
If you have any more questions, send us an Email at Info@seededmemories.ca
When we do the paper we heavily seed each sheet so you can get the most variety of seeds. here is a ling a link to our provider of seeds - West coast seeds -
As some of you know, we are not biologists, botanists or verse in seeds, but we have found a ways to make our paper effective and completely without plastic, In fact, we are always experimenting with new ideas on the paper making and seeds department.
Herbs or veggies is always fun, but until we don't have a 100% success rate on growing other seeds, they wont be a purchasable product. 
Please if you have any recommendations we are more than happy to try them out.

What about Native flowers to the region?

We would love to do more native flowers to Ottawa/Ontario, but with a 2 people operation it is hard to meet the demand of specific seeds. We are sure that with time we will be able to offer limited sock on certain seeds, but for now we will keep working with he only non invasive mix that we know works 100%.

If you know local seed farmers ( I don't really know fi that's the terminology ) Let us know, if you are one of them, contact us!

Thank you for supporting our dream and our art. We really hope our cards and Recycled paper products bring joy to your moments.

Happy Planting!


Here are some of the photos we have taken of our little flowers grown from our seed paper. 









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