How to take care of your flowers

How to take care of your flowers

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So many people has asked us about our blend, different questions like how to grow it properly, how much water and who much sun light!

So we thought it was a good idea to create a full dedicated blogpost for this!

Share it and we hope all the information we provide is useful on the process of growing your precious memories! 



Our seeds are!  - Alternative Law Blend:

'' It forms a low-growing, dense ground cover composed of fine fescues, flowers, and clover species, and provides a colorful and less demanding alternative to traditional grass lawns. This incredibly beautiful blend contains thirteen species that will fill in spaces fairly rapidly and return to bloom from year to year. It stays low growing like a carpet of color, and attracts beneficial insects and butterflies over a very long bloom period '' - West Coast Seeds -

How much light do wildflowers need?

Do not put them on scorching sun, but they grow in full sun to partial shade!

When should you Plant it?

Try to direct sow wildflower seeds during the period two weeks before, and eight weeks after, your last average frost date. Sowing when there is some risk of minor frost may improve germination. Wildflower seeds can also be sown in the autumn, but a certain percentage of seeds to may be lost to water, birds, and animals. To make the most of the annual species, direct sow in early spring.

How should you water it?

The first das, keep the soil moist with a spray bottle, the soul has to be moist until young seedlings are stablished, if planted outside in the garden, like most Wildflowers, it wont require additional water, excepts for long periods of dry, hot weather. If planted in pots outside follow the same requirements explained before. If planted inside in pots -  make sure to check temperatures regularly, as systems like AC and heating can be detrimental for your flowers.


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margaret anne Perera
margaret anne Perera

is it better tp plant in a big pot ?

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