Love is: Collection

You are the sun in my face when I wake up, and when you told me to grab everything and come with you to an strange land, leaving everything and everyone behind. I did not make a decision. I just follow your smile, and I would choose to follow your smile over and over again.

I love you .

-From Jose to MaryAnn

Love and Valentine's Collection is here!

We Want to!

We want to create cards and gifts that focus on the message and the intention, not the item itself. Papery goods that turn your best wishes into flowers, something to care and pay attention to. The card will be gone, but the words and love on them will be with us forever.

– Seeded Memories

Our commitments to you and the environment!

Zero waste!

No waste has been created in making the seed paper! we use only recycled materials and post-consumer paper in the production of our paper!

Shelf life up to 2 years!

You don't have to plant any of our products right away, they have a life on the shelf of 2 years!

Green shipping!

All our shipping materials are made from recycled materials, and you can recycle them too after you receive your package.

No invasive species!

Our seed paper contains seeds that are Non-GMO, Non-Invasive, and safe to plant across Canada.

That's why we only carry one type!

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  • Love is: An adventure

  • Love is: Teamwork

  • Happy Bee Day!

  • Cat in the box

  • Seed Heart tags

  • Make your bundle of 4 – Plantable cards!

Love is an Adventure, with high and lows, but as long as you keep together, everything will be fine!

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Love means working together, as everything done as a team, will be always better!

Celebrate Love and teamwork!

Our best seller, the cuttest bee in town, ready to take some ''OAWWWWW' out of whomever that recieve it!

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For the cat lover in your life ~

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You can plant this gift tag to grow flowers, giving the recycled paper another chance at life (literally) which otherwise be destined for landfill! They also have a shelf life of 2 years! No need to plant them right away, enjoy them for a while.

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Does someone say variety pack?! I'm in! select 4 cards from all our designs and get a nice discount while at it!

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Love is: An adventure
Love is: Teamwork
Cat in the box
Make your bundle of 4 – Plantable cards!

Collection of the month! - Love and Valentine's collection!

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Send us a message to with your idea and we will get in contact with you via Email to talk about your project.

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The life of seed paper!

This is us!

We are MaryAnn and Jose, a wife and husband team that has a passion for the environment! 

We create paper and cards that are made from 100% recycled material and we embedded wildflower seeds. This allows our products to be planted, making a memory garden and a zero-waste thoughtful gift.

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This card is absolutely beautiful and the Bee is SO CUTE!!! This is the perfect card for our friend who is striving to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Thank you!!!

Ella Renee

Amazing response, fast and beautiful product! So excited to give these as our little wedding favors. ♥️♥️

Amelia Bonenfant

We used this as a tag on a memorial beautiful little tree we we had in baskets at a memorial. For people to take home and plant in memory of my father-in-law. Really a nice touch and they used the wording I requested. Delivery was fast and on time. Great vendor communication.


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