Greeting cards, overrated am I, right? You are probably thinking why the creators of a greeting card business are openly saying that. Think about it - A greeting card can be up to $12.00 CAD, which someone will keep for a week, two if you're nice, and then either toss it in the trash or ends up in a box somewhere. This is where we come in. We are MaryAnn and Jose, a wife and husband team that has a passion for the environment and changing the greeting card game!We create paper and cards that are made from 100% recycled material and in our recycling process, we embedded wildflower seeds. This allows our products to be planted, growing non-invasive flowers, making a memory garden, and a zero-waste thoughtful gift.Even if the receiver of our cards doesn't have a green thumb, and decides not to plant it, the fact that our cards are made with recycled materials and love, is worth more than any mass-produced card. Now, the real question is, what was the inspiration behind Seeded Memories?The idea to makeplantablepapery items came at a sad point in our lives, unfortunately. We had a kitten named Bruce who passed away at 6 months old. With heavy hearts, our friends gave us flowers and cards as sympathy, and that lead us to the idea of putting the two together. If we received a card with a heartfelt message in it, and then plant it in memory of Bruce, we would have cherished that garden with our lives.The idea for us is that we want you to plant memorable moments in your life (weddings, birthdays, new babies, celebration of life), and take care of them even after it has passed. Don't throw out or shut our cards in a box, plant them, take care of them, and watch loved messages grow.Happy planting!

Meet MaryAnn!

Hello and welcome to my biography! I’m MaryAnn, co-creator of Seeded Memories, wife to a life partner (and business) Jose, and adventure-seeking individual. 

It has never crossed my mind that I’d be writing about me that others are genuinely interested in! I’m in my late 20s, living and improving a zero-waste lifestyle, choosing to be and remain child-free, and still figuring out this one hell of an adventure that is called ‘life’. 

I was never the one for creativity, and only recently discovered what it is to be creative, and how to be more creative and think creatively. All I can say is that it has opened a whole new part of me that I am excited to discover. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll add flower pots to our business that I made from pottery!

There is a lot to say, but why read about the past me, while the present me is all the more fun, ever-changing and current? So, follow us and be part of planting those memories and watch them grow into flowers that we can enjoy in the future.

Happy planting!

Meet Jose!

Hi, My name is Jose! I'm originally from Chile, from Valparaiso's far, far away land! now living in Canada with my amazing wife, business partner, best friend, and love of my life MaryAnn! and of course, co-owner of Seeded Memories!

Illustration has always been my passion since I was a kid all I did was draw, nothing else was in my head but making very unplayable board games and drawing characters from my little but imaginative brain. I remember selling drawings of Dragoon ball Z to my elementary classmates full colored for only 5 cents! you can say I pretty much was born for this :)

From Painting, fixing, building, restoring, and designing, to Gardening, cooking and singing, and pretty much everything that involves creativity, Means I will have fun doing it- and if you don't have fun doing stuff, what's the point? -

So come on! join us in this creative adventure! Let's have some fun and Make some memories grow!!

Oh! and I really LOVE bicycles!! :)